Midnight Club Los Angeles Out Soon

Damn. The trailer of Midnight Club Los Angeles from Rockstar Games has had me hooked for too long now. This is going to be huge, no question.

After so many big game hits you’d think Rockstar would run out of ways to stay ahead of the pack, but they’re still out in front. With GTA IV it was all about making the in-game-world more expansive and endless than ever before and with this new LA-themed instalment of their Midnight Club racing franchise the Rockstar developers are playing to their strengths, bringing us more of the exhilarating sex-on-wheels stuff that gamers have come to love from the team.

The long and short of it is that this game looks hot. You’ll probably lose your first few races of the game because you’ll still be in neutral, staring at the oh so sleek machines on the screen.

What’s got me juiced about this one is the soundtrack. We all know that Rockstar has a near-flawless track record when it comes to tune selection, and they’ve been using Digitalism’s classic banger Idealistic in the first trailer for Midnight Club Los Angeles. So all signs point to an immense soundtrack.

Instead of humping the hood of the nearest auto-mobile around, just jump to the website, drool over the trailer again and sit tight until October.