‘MAFS’ Michael Goonan Is Now Dating KC ’Cause Reality TV Marriage Isn’t Sacred, Apparently

michael kc mafs

Just when you thought this season of Married At First Sight couldn’t get any more fucked up, Michael Goonan and KC Osborne are officially dating.

Michael, who “married” Stacey Hampton in the 2020 season of the show, took to Instagram to announce that he’s now dating KC, who was married to Drew Bauer. Is this Married At First Sight or Wife Swap?

“I have tried to retrace my steps from a big night out, waking up thinking how did I manage to pull this off,” Michael captioned the post.

In even more bizarre news, they’re actually kind of adorable.

KC also shared the news on her Instagram, dropping the best friend card and a fucking l-bomb. Yes. They’re in love.


They’ve only been together five weeks, but they’re both pretty certain this is serious.

“It’s love. We have one hell of a journey ahead of us – everything is on the table. We moved in together last week,” Michael told New Idea.

Nothing is sacred anymore, especially not arranged reality TV marriages.