Meet This Year’s Bizarre Miss Universe Australia Costumes

Miss Universe Australia costumes are our chance to show the rest of the world that we are EXACTLY like every ridiculous stereotype they currently hold of us, and this year’s crop are no different, throwing a shrimp of Priscilla-style bling onto the barbie of Crocodile Dundee realness, then fighting fashion to the death in a vicious game of knifey spoony.
In a new twist this year, the organisers have served up four potential costumes, and are asking YOU, the Australian public, to vote for your favorite one. Which one will stay, and which will sashay away? You decide.
Design A by Caitlin Holstock 
Featuring a sunset design inspired by Indigenous Australian art (with permission granted from the Wurundgeri tribe). What happens behind the beaded curtain stays behind the beaded curtain. 
Design B byChristopher Ditas 
Brought to you by Claratyne, providing relief from the symptoms of hay fever 24 hours a day.
Design C by Freda Diak 
For the modern day crocodile huntress on the go. This killer look is the apex predator of the Miss Universe Australia food chain.
Design D by Lorelee Prentice 
She’s going to fucking freak when she realises the Sydney Opera House just crept up on her.
Sissy that walk and cast your vote here.

Images via Miss Universe Australia