Matty J’s Dropped Hints He’ll Propose To Laura Byrne So RIP Your Heart

Never has there been a Bachelor so revered, so thirsted after, than Matty J. The Bondi local won our hearts as the loser (*Nelson voice* Ha Ha) on Georgia Love‘s Bachelorette season…

Only to win his own ~tru luv~ on The Bachelor, choosing jewellery designer Laura Byrne (and her extremely cute 3 legged dog) in the finale episode.

Since then, the couple’s been a mainstay on the Sydney event circuit and regularly papped frolicking at the beach, as Bondi folk do.

But now, Matty’s spoken to Who magazine about their relationship and where it’s headed, and has been surprisingly upfront in terms of their future plans.

‘For us, well, there’s no question for me, I’ve found the person I want to be with long-term, the one I hope to be with forever,’ Matty told the publication.

Like, he’s literally talking marriage.

‘But where does one go to to look for engagement rings when one’s girlfriend is an engagement-ring designer?,’ he said.

Laura reportedly then suggested he buy the stone and they can design the ring together. Like those are strong as hell plans, mates. This seems real and legit and not bullshit they’re whipping up for a PR stunt. I mean, look at this fkn caption:

Apparently their first step is to move in together though, so don’t expect a big rock reveal just yet.