Matt Okine Stars In New Sketch From Legends Behind ‘Activewear’

The game-changing legends behind 2015‘s greatest, unrelenting earworm ‘Activewear‘ have traded multipurpose neon lycra for police getup in their latest sketch, which dropped overnight. 

Triple J’s Matt Okine serves as “Australia’s first male police officer” in the skit, alongside the rest of the gang – forming Australia’s greatest police force populated solely by BAMF ladies. 


The sketch also serves as a friendly reminder re: ABC’s Fresh Blood Pilot Season, where Skit Box’s Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am is airing on iView, available to stream until this weekend only. Get amongst it over here. 

Watch Matt Okine’s Skit Box debut below. 

We’d like to welcome Australia’s first male police officer.Featuring the lovely Matt Okine. This weekend is your last chance to watch our #freshblood pilot on ABC iview at:

Posted by Skit Box on Thursday, 15 October 2015

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