Matt Damon & Chris Hemsworth’s Byron Trip Interrupted By Rude Jelly Sting

Now, we can’t be sure, but there’s a very real possibility that action star Matt Damon called the NSW ambos over a bluebottle sting.

According to Daily Telegraph, Damon and his fam have been chilling in Byron Bay with Chris Hemsworth and his fam, staying at the Hemsworth’s hinterlands property and taking group helicopter rides. As you do.

The two families were having a beach day at Byron’s The Pass, when Damon’s six-year-old daughter Stella was stung by a jellyfish.

The paramedics were called, and Damon rushed into a cafe for ice, but the Daily Tele reports that “thankfully, the drama was over quickly and Stella was smiling again.”

Which begs the question: were paramedics called for bluebottle sting? Or was this some other kind of jellyfish? No one’s going to argue over the pain factor of a bluebottle sting, but Christ, my dudes. Just fang a little vinegar on that welt.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. The multitude of paparazzi pics over on the Tele give no indication of anything even remotely approaching serious.

Meanwhile, there’s rampant speculation that Damon’s visit to Australia might be less of a vacay and more of a location scout. Watch this space.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Chris Hemsworth / Instagram.