Matt & Alex Win The ARIAs Red Carpet, Dress As Drake & His ‘Hotline Bling’

You can keep your Chet Faker and Sia costumes buddy, ’cause this is 2015, and the world has moved on to more cutting-edge, sophisticated musical memes. 

Cop this, for example. Not only has Matt Okine rocked up as Drizzy himself to the ARIA’s red carpet, he’s brought along Alex Dyson as his Hotline Bling too.

Matt and Alex are heading to the the #ARIAs. That can only mean one thing…

Posted by triple j on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Observe the dedication: Not only is the dude sporting a 6 God-approved down jacket (even the Timbs. EVEN THE TIMBS.) on a proper scorcher in Sydney, his backdrop even had enough forethought to trim that pink bodysuit with the video-appropriate ‘lighting’. 

The mind boggles at how shit having to sport a fake beard would be today, let alone donning a pair of stilts in an air-tight suit. At least the pair have swapped the facial hair/skintight outfit duties this time around.
Pack ‘er up, boys, ’cause the costume game remains on lock.

Story via ABC. 
Image via Facebook.