Bachie Matt Speaks On “Horrible” Incident With Abbie At Nova Yesterday

Matt Agnew

Bachelor bloke Matt Agnew has spoken up on the scheduling stuff-up that saw ex Abbie Chatfield forced to watch him in an interview with new girlfriend Chelsie McLeod, calling the incident “horrible”.

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In case you’re not caught up on the whole situation, here’s a run down: Yesterday, Nova 96.9 organised interviews with the new Bachie couple and dumped finalist Abbie, but managed to ‘accidentally’ put them in studios right next to each-other.

The stuff-up, which was definitely not engineered in advance, meant that Abbie was being interviewed by Nova’s Smallzy in one studio, while watching loved-up couple Matt and Chelsie chat to Fitzy and Wippa through a pane of glass.

Abbie, who appeared uncomfortable in a video recording shared on Smallzy’s Twitter account, said that the episode was “the most horrible thing” she’d experienced, and was reportedly later seen crying in a stairwell at the station.

Matt Agnew told Fitzy and Wippa that he spotted Abbie on his way to the studio and did his best to avoid her, and has since told News Corp that he did not know she was in the booth right next door. He explained in a statement:

“Obviously it’s horrible to hear … I mean we weren’t aware of that, but I mean you hope things are co-ordinated with logistics and stuff like that doesn’t happen … so that’s a shame that it has.”

Yesterday afternoon, Abbie took to Instagram to thank her Bachie stylists, saying: “At least I looked my bloody best while being broken up with.”