MasterChef 2011 – Grand Final Predictions

Welcome to finals week MasterChef fans. After 13 weeks and 82 episodes, 24 contestants have been whittled down to three remaining challengers: Michael the earnest favourite, Alana the new girl, and Kate the mum. Over the next few days we will see these three hopefuls reduced to one cookery legend or, as judges George, Gary and Matt would say: Australia’s Best Amateur Chef. Who’s going to take out this esteemed mantle? We’ve taken a look at the final three, contemplating each of their chances of winning…


Pros Michael popped up as a contender fairly early in the series with some excellent cooking, particularly his memorable trio of juicy looking lamb tapas during a Spanish challenge. His cheerful determination, grace under pressure and bromance with surf guy Hayden endeared him to all.

Of all the contestants Michael has performed at a high level the most consistently – he’s good at the technical shit like julienne-ing things, and is also creative with his use of ingredients*. Another thing Mike’s got going for him is that he doesn’t insist on cooking only one type of food i.e. DESSERT ONLY?!? Now that’s just fucking stupid.

Cons His inability to shave and strange decision to wear grandpa hats through the duration of New York week was annoying. There’s the danger that Michael might have been a little too consistent to take out the title. Reality TV loves an unexpected twist.

Odds We’re putting Michael as the favourite at 3-1 odds.

*Don’t know what I’m talking about.


Pros Alana is one of those very neat, organised, time conscious high achieving types and she has delivered some really nice Mod-Oz cuisine that looks great on the plate. She also “scrubs up well” which is ideal from a marketing perspective. ‘Alana’ is also a name that George Colombaris can actually pronounce correctly as it has no Es in it.

Cons It feels like Alana didn’t really appear on the show until a few days ago. Where was Alana before that? She was either being average or being invisible. Unfortunately, that’s the reality tv equivalent of boring.

Odds She’s a hard one to pick at 7-1.


Pros This week Kate made the “best dessert I’ve ever tasted” according to part time judge Matt Moran. She’s also one of those nice sensible mums who have kind eyes who would sound adorable if you asked them to say stuff like “gnarly” or recite a Notorious B.I.G. lyric. Mums have also had a good track record with MasterChef e.g. Julie Goodwin.

Cons The whole Julie Goodwin similarity could work against Kate, if the judges care about diversity among series winners. And while Kate has proved herself a good cook and pulled out some great dishes, she’s kind of low of flair.

Odds Kate’s chances are pretty good. We put her at 4-1 odds.

Tonight Kate or Alana are facing off for the last spot in the final two. Watch this space…