Jackie O Defends ‘The Masked Singer’ Judges After Their Truly Awful Lion Guesses

The Masked Singer Australia

We all knew Kate Ceberano was the Lion on The Masked Singer Australia. I knew, you knew, the dog knew – it was obvious. But the guessing panel, they did not know. Or at least they pretended not to know, and they copped absolute shit for it. Lindsay Lohan is exempt from this for obvious reasons.

[jwplayer CSE6U6FK]

Jackie O guessed Kate DeAraugo, Lindsay guessed Rebel Wilson – bless her, Hughesy went for Tina Turner, and Dannii Minogue – the one who is probably taking the show most seriously – guessed Christine Anu.

The Twitter reactions say it all, to be honest.

Responding to the heat, Jackie O hopped on her KIIS FM show this morning to explain the whole sticheroo.

“Watching on TV, I was like, ‘Oh my god that sounds exactly like Kate Ceberano, how did we not pick that up?” she said.

But Jackie explained that with all the fireworks, dancing, and cheering it can be hard to hear.

“We don’t hear what you hear,” she shared. “When you’re on that judging panel you’ve got the crowd, you’ve got so much going on, you don’t hear what you hear back home.”

Still, Jackie O did say that she listens to Ceberano every day in the car so ???

Anyway, if you missed out on last night’s reveal, you can catch it below. Also, Ceberano’s parting words were *kissy fingers*.

“Apart from the fact of the fantastic value of having the head larger than my arse which I loved, this is a show of great virtue,” Ceberano said. “Although it’s really whacky being in a suit, you are without colour, age, size, gender, it’s completely erased, and what you are is just free.”

There are still five Masked Singers left to unveil: Spider, Unicorn, Robot, Wolf, and Monster. Once again, Robot is absolutely Cody Simpson. I refuse to believe otherwise.

The Masked Singer Australia continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10.