Mark Latham Sacked By Sky News For Being A Dick To Pretty Much Everyone

Former Labor leader and unhinged conservative talking head Mark Latham has had his contract with Sky News terminated following a series of occurrences of him being a huge dickhead over the last few weeks.
The columnist and now former ‘Outsiders‘ host came under fire for comments he made about Sky News colleague Kristina Keneally; comedian and radio host Wendy Harmer; and Sydney Boys High School captain Hugh Bartley. Clearly, he’s been busy.
Both Harmer and Keneally have suggested they may take legal action against Latham, in Keneally’s case because he called her a protege of Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid, and in Harmer’s case because he said the only place she could find work is at the “sheltered workshop” of the ABC because she is a “female with a disability“. What a charming young man.
He drew a pretty even mix of criticism and bewilderment when he decided to speculate on the sexuality of a high school student involved in a video about why feminism is important, saying on ‘Outsiders‘: “The boys at the boys school look like dickheads doing their video, total dickheads. I thought the first guy was gay.
He took to the previously unofficial Twitter account that he used to be a complete dick to his critics to defend what he said, with his usual level of success (“not much”):

Well, I’m convinced. You can watch the Sky News announcement below: 

Source: Sky News.
Photo: Getty Images / Jonathan Wood.