Mark Hamill Now Regrets Shitting On Rian Johnson’s Bold Vision For Luke

Mark Hamill has walked back his criticism of Rian Johnson over the his handling of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, admitting the director made the correct call by toying with the Jedi master.

Taking to Twitter, Hamill retweeted stills from his recent interview with IMDb, in which he said “I’ve had trouble accepting what he saw for Luke, but again, I have to say, having seen the movie, I was wrong.”

Today, the actor added “I regret voicing my doubts & insecurities in public.

“Creative differences are a common element of any project but usually remain private. All I wanted was to make good movie. I got more than that- [Johnson] made an all-time GREAT one!”

Hamill had previously told Spanish entertainment outlet SensaCine that “I almost had to think of Luke as another character. Maybe he’s Jake Skywalker — he’s not my Luke Skywalker.”

That viewpoint was echoed by many die-hard fans of the series, who were used to the portrayal of Skywalker as a near-faultless character.

The Last Jedi has come under fire for showing the wizened Skywalker as a flawed master given to occasional moments of malice – and as someone keen on milk from the gunt of foul foreskin-faced sea monsters.

We’ll see how the saga progresses from here, and if Hamill has to quieten down any more furious fans.