Marie Claire Unveils “Under The Cover” Trailer

Pacific Magazines have unveiled a 90 second trailer for Under The Cover, a fly-on-the-wall series headlined by Marie Claire Publisher/Editor, Jackie Frank. Deadlines! Fashions! Crazy Editor who actually seems quite amicable! Not sure what to expect from the show but the trailer gives us a look inside the Marie Claire offices and follows Frank as she feigns surprise (badly), yells at underlings, kisses Marc Jacobs and edits each issue of “Australia’s number one fashion magazine”.

Following the icy reception to ACP reality series Park St. we do fear for its ability to capture an audience but will reserve judgement til the series premiere later this month.

“The marie claire team have been described as Modern Family in Manolos,” Frank said “and we hope this trailer gives a taste of what?s to come.” Says the presser: “staff have been shot in all manner of locations, including at home in their pyjamas, walking around the office in bathrobes, driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and almost crashing, even in theatre scrubs at a hospital – with the documentary revealing the lengths the team often go to in order to get a great story, or the perfect shot.”

Under The Cover will premiere nationally on 7TWO on Sunday, June 12 at 6.30pm.