Absolutely Trashy Details Have Leaked About Stacey & Michael’s Epic ‘MAFS’ Fight

I truly and honestly believe the editing team for MAFS should be collectively awarded Australians of the year. We like our MAFS juicy, we like our MAFS spicy, essentially we like our MAFS like a good bloody mary and they do a tip top job of mixing it perfectly for us four nights a week.

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However, there seemed to be a big chunk missing from last night’s episode – when Michael was apologising to Stacey for his un-honeymoon-like behaviour from the night before. A night before that we weren’t privy to.


But thankfully, some brave-souled eyewitnesses have stepped in to give us the spicy juice, (maybe) answering all our big questions.

According to The Daily Mail, witnesses at the Fijian resort that Stacey and Michael were honeymooning in claim that Stacey left Michael at the bar to have an early night as he was drinking heavily and getting “rowdy”. 

One bystander at the bar they went to said that he went on to badmouth Stacey to “anyone who would listen” even referring to her as a “bimbo” multiple times. 

During his rant, Michael could also be heard saying how rich he was.

‘He was also telling everybody how rich he is, how expensive his watch is, and how he doesn’t need the show or Stacey.’

A producer apparently had to step in and help control his behaviour after another guest at the resort called him “a muppet” according to another eyewitness. Muppet sounds quite fitting in this situation TBH. 

What we did see on the show took place the next morning. Michael apologised for continuing his shitty behaviour, by going for a run with one of the guys he met mid-rant the previous night instead of apologising right away.

This spurred my perhaps favourite quote of the episode, “I went and vomited all over Fiji”. A great visual in my mind. Michael also apologised for being a complete dick in general, thankfully. 

Anywho, Stacey and Michael somehow managed to make lemonade out of all these lemons, as they became the first couple from MAFS 2020 to consummate their marriage.

Lemonade, bloody marys, tea… Wonder what else they will be serving at the MAFS bar this season.