Not One Single MAFS Fan Believes Harrison & His Crocodile Tears Bc He Is A Massive Wank Stain


Not one single person believes senõr douchebag Harrison and his fakery on MAFS, except Harrison still thinks he can turn on the crocodile tears for sympathy.

After weeks of being forced to endure Harrison and his god-awful behaviour, it seemed like things between him and wife Bronte finally came to a head at tonight’s MAFS dinner party. The pair called it quits pre-party due to a break up text, and you could cut the tension with a knife during dinner.

Worse yet, the trash can with legs tried to gain sympathy votes from the boys by bowing his head and looking like the opposite of a cute animal. Sorry sir, but if you take a shit, you eat it (not the best metaphor, but you get the gist).

“Every time he does tear up, god bless him, he actually doesn’t cry. He actually doesn’t,” Ollie explains to the camera.

If there is but a mere morsel of good from this hell-fire of a MAFS episode, it comes from Claire’s incredible one-liner: “You need to take off that shirt, stick it on a pole and wave it around because you’re a giant red flag.”

I agree with the sentiment behind the one-liner, but please for the love of god, don’t let Harrison actually take his shirt off. Bet he’s got one of those deep v-neck singlets under it too. YUCK.

Honestly Bronte, if you’re reading this: RUN, run for your life. This diseased man is not worthy of your time. You might think you can change him, but you won’t – trust me. All you’ll be left with is years of therapy, trust issues and possibly a chlamydia diagnosis. Not ideal to say the least.

If you haven’t watched the ep, you can have a squiz at our recap here.