‘Mad Men’ Goes Full 70’s For Teaser Trailer Ahead Of Final Season

AMC‘s breakthrough stalwart ‘Mad Men’ has just dropped a teaser trailer for part deux of the show’s seventh season, featuring all your favourite rich, advertising boos in full-blown glam. Mad Men, welcome to the 70’s.

While Roger’s alarming sideburns and Megan‘s enthusiastic partake in the culture of flared sleeves certainly gives away the seventies vibe loudly enough, the show’s upcoming installment could be pin-pointed more precisely to 1976, as the trailer’s song, Diana Ross‘ ‘Love Hangover’ was released that year. Then again, that could be a detail the AMC promo team hadn’t thought of all together. If the show does take place in 1976, the action will have jumped a whole seven years: part one’s finale took place in 1969.

The substance of the trailer is not unlike our fair Betty Draper: glamorous—in a relatively in-your-face way—and brimming with sultry overtones that frustratingly amount to nothing, because the damn thing is a mere thirty seconds long.

Mad Men’s second part of its seventh and final season is airing in April this year. Goodbye, sweet, unlikable jerks, whose presence can be dealt with purely from Matthew Weiner‘s incredible talent for storytelling.

via TIME.