‘Love Island’ Announces Its Start Date, Which Means Trash TV Is Back Baby

Since Bachelor In Paradise finished up last month, there’s been a deep trash-void in our lives. Sure, sure – Masterchef is on. My Kitchen Rules only wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. But those are cooking shows! They don’t gift us with people laying their hearts on the line and getting them brutally pummelled on nation-wide TV! They don’t allow us to witness other people’s terrible hook-up decisions!

Thankfully, Love Island is on the way – and we now have a premiere date.

Yep, mark your diaries in holographic pen or whatever will help you remember, the show we’ve all been waiting for lands on TV on May 27. That’s in a matter of WEEKS, my friends.

Also, let’s not that MAYBE that poster is giving us some lil’ insights into the folks who will be starring? I’m not opposed to that longish-haired surfer dude up the back tbh.