Look How Cute This Tiny Goat In A Cart Is

Good grief. Is your morning cute enough yet? I hope your morning is not cute enough yet because if it is you are just about to bust and lose the big game of Cute Blackjack because of this video of a tiny goat in a cart!

In this video, watch “Frostie the Snow Goat” (stop) walk in its adorable cart and make adorable noises under the supervision of Victorian animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission. According to the sanctuary Pam Ahearn, when Frostie entered their care, he was covered in lice and a debilitating condition had left his back legs filled with “pockets of pus” and toxins. Now, he’s choc-full of antibiotics, has a cool cart and is well on the way to being the goat G.O.A.T. Why are you reading this? Please watch the video!

Donate to Edgar’s Mission here and check out bunch more adorable pics on the Edgar’s Mission Instagram.