LNP Senator-Elect Bravely Takes On Big Ice Cream

Get Hollywood on the line: a courageous LNP senator-elect in Queensland is taking a stand against the insidious evil of, uh… Ben & Jerry’s?

It’s like this: Vermont’s self-proclaimed Finest have been touring the country, stopping in towns and cities to give away their acclaimed ice cream and raise awareness of the risk posed to the Great Barrier Reef by industrial ports and intensive dredging. So far, so dastardly.
Luckily, Queensland LNP senator-elect Matthew Canavan is determined to step in and save the day. He’s written a letter to the ACCC, urging them to step in and stop Ben & Jerry’s spreading their lies to tourists/students/whoever else is hanging out at Chatswood Mall in the middle of the day about how heavy industry is bad for the delicate reef ecosystem. Such courage! So Brockovitch!
“These mistruths could cost jobs and development in regional Queensland,” Mr Canavan said. “It’s irresponsible behaviour from a company that should know better.” The Queensland Government is also urging citizens to boycott Ben & Jerry’s over the “lies”. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s refreshing to finally see our elected leaders standing up to big business.