Lindsay Lohan Reckons She Got Racially Profiled At A London Airport

Lindsay Lohan is a curious unit – a person who, long after her infamous days as a party animal, continues to do some really weird shit. Whether it’s adopting a truly rogue accent, or pushing real hard to play Ariel in a live Little Mermaidadaptation, she remains alive and well in the news cycle.

Today, she appeared on Good Morning Britainwith everyone’s favourite right-wing maniac, Piers Morgan, and recounted the tale of how she was racially profiled when arriving in London from Turkey because she was wearing a headscarf.
Oh Christ.

“I got stopped recently and was racially profiled,” Lohan explained. “She opened my passport, saw ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and immediately started apologising. But then she said, ‘take off your headscarf’”.

This is particularly potent as Lohan has been under a fair bit of scrutiny for her seemingly superficial fascination with Islam (she’s been spotted toting the Quran around on a few occasions). 

But while Lohan’s initial declaration that she’d been a victim of racial profiling is totally fucked, she did claim that it only made her realise how that situation would go down if she weren’t a white, privileged woman, and perhaps one of the most recognisable people in the world.
“How would another woman who doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel? That was really interesting to me. I was kind of in shock.”

So, it kinda looks like this is Lohan’s own way of reflecting on the pervasive issue of racial profiling on a global scale. Good for her, I guess?

She also spoke on the talk show about the aforementioned rumours that she’s converting to Islam (she’s still got that endearing accent too, btw). Check out the clip below for the whole interview: 
Source: NME
Photo: Getty Images / Anadolu Agency.