Lindsay Lohan Expands Her Leggings Line

Since leggings do not equate to pants it’s strange that Lindsay Lohan has managed to keep her one-trick-pony fashion line 6126 afloat; but somehow she has – and now she’s expanding the brand to include other apparel that normal peeps don’t consider undergarments (ergo, leggings are not pants).

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe the ethos behind 6126 is to “salute strong women who understand that confidence is bewitching and playful sophistication is always in vogue.”

See Lindsay’s latest interpretation of “playful sophistication”via

The collection is 280 pieces, which retail from $60 to $1000.

While the styling is super average, the looks aren’t hideous or anything, but there’s no effing way I’d pay those prices for average stuff you can get for a fifth of the price at Forever 21. Agreed?

Title Image by Michael Buckner via Getty