Disneyland’s Life-Size Millennium Falcon Is Some Extremely Cool Nerd Shit

You can divide the world pretty neatly into people who are into theme parks and people who are not. Under the best of circumstances, I feel mildly uneasy about going somewhere full of people where your every move somehow costs you money but where you’re also forced to stay still because the whole thing is basically infeasibly long lines. If anything was going to push me into the other camp, though, it’d be Disneyland‘s life-size Millennium Falcon, which will stand at the entrance of a ride which lets you and five mates fly that baby around and shoot at shit.

[jwplayer wpZPnsHa]

The ride, Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, is expected to open at the Anaheim theme park in mid-2019 as part of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the big new Star Wars section of the park. The ride will also appear at Walt Disney World in Florida later next year.

So far they’re playing their cards pretty close to their chest about how the section of the park is going to look, but they’ve released the first image of the bit with the Millennium Falcon and, candidly, it looks fucking dope.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

It is unclear at this stage whether the scaffolding in the background is because they are still working on it, or some sort of ‘space scaffolding’ from the fun, adventure-filled Star Wars universe.

Maybe this full-size replica will finally answer how both Han and Luke seem to be sitting comfortably upright in the Falcon’s guns despite the fact they are mounted perpendicular to the floor and facing up and down respectively.