‘LEGO Movie’ Directors Mock Academy Awards During BAFTAs Win

The universally loved ‘LEGO Movie’ received this year’s biggest snub last month after it failed to secure a mention on the Academy Awards’ Best Animated Film category nominations.

That lego-sized crevasse in your heart throbs when you look at this list, because NONE OF THESE NOMS ARE THE LEGO MOVIE.

Snubs hurt.

At today’s BAFTAs, however, The LEGO Movie received the kind of recognition an animated film starring Chris Pratt and a killer original song deserves, it took home the ‘Best Animated Film’ award. Duh.

The film’s directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller accepted the award, taking aim at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—aka, The Oscars—saying, “You are our favourite Academy by far.”

Troll game is tight.

“You guys win the award for best Academy. This is the end of the awards
road for us, so we can say whatever we want. There’s no one left to
impress,” the directors added. BOOM. Roasted.

At a press meeting after the event, Phil Lord said they were disappointed about the Oscar snub, but their hearts aren’t too heavy: “Honestly it’s a great year for animation. A little bad luck for us, but
those are all great movie and those are our friends. We are really happy
for them. Whoever wins is going to deserve it.” The directors also revealed that they are currently working on three LEGO movies for your viewing pleasure: a sequel to the LEGO movie, a LEGO Ninjango feature, and LEGO Batman starring Will Arnett (*screams*).

Oscar or no Oscar: everything, as they say, is awesome.