‘Thank U, Next’ Director Reveals ‘Legally Blonde’ Cameo That Fell Through

Legally Blonde, Ariana Grande, Thank U Next

Ariana Grande‘s ‘Thank U, Next‘ video arrived yesterday with a heap of truly inspired cameos – not least of all Kris Jenner as the cool mom from Mean Girls, and Jenifer Coolidge,reprising her iconic role from the comedy classic Legally Blonde.

In a recent interview with EW, however, director Hannah Lux Davis revealed that she really wanted to cast actor Matthew Davis, who played Elle Woods‘ dickish ex-boyfriend Warner in Legally Blonde, but that their schedules sadly didn’t line up.

Legally Blonde, Warner

“We tried to get the real Warner from Legally Blonde, but he wasn’t available,” she told the publication. “He was shooting in Atlanta. We were all really bummed! We wanted to get him, we reached out, and he was down, but he just wasn’t available.”

Matthew Davis starred as Alaric in The Vampire Diaries for eight seasons, before going on to reprise the character on two seasons of The Originals and the spin-off series Legacies, which recently started airing it first season.

Hannah Lux Davis, who has worked with Grande numerous times before and created the visuals for her Dangerous Woman tour, also spoke to Glamour about the origin of the Kris Jenner cameo, saying:

“It was Ariana’s idea to include her. They’re friends, so Ariana reached out and Kris was interested. It was a fast process to get her on board. On set she didn’t take herself too seriously and just got right in there and got into character so effortlessly. It was so funny because we’re doing all these ad libs with her and I was like, “No this is actually you! You are this person.” We had a few different Juicy sweatsuit options and we wanted to make sure it was just right. We had more than five so we could find the perfect one for her, and we found the right vibe.”

Anyway, in case you somehow haven’t seen the ‘Thank U, Next’ video, here it is: