Lars Von Trier Makes Nazi Gaffe In Cannes

Today at the Cannes Film Festival director Lars Von Trier has broken the cardinal rule of personal branding when he expressed sympathy for Hitler at the press conference for his movie Melancholia.

Von Trier has caused a stir for comments he made when discussing his German heritage. He said “I really wanted to be a Jew and then I found out that I was really a Nazi. Which also gave me some pleasure.”

“I understand Hitler,” he then continued. “I think I understand the man, he’s not what you would call a good guy. But I understand much about him. And I sympathize with him a little bit.”

Watch footage of the press conference below, and note the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by Von Trier’s Melancholia star Kirstin Dunst.

Sympathising with Hitler has been frowned upon ever since he murdered those millions of people back in the 1940s.

Via NY Times