Lara Stone and Friends Get Their Own Skateboard

I use to be an avid skater back in my early high school days. Every afternoon you could’ve found me rolling around my local burbs waxing gutters waiting for babes to walk past.

All those glory days ended one Sunday afternoon at Waterloo skatepark. Purely trying to steak my meat with the older crew I decided to throw all my cards in and try roll away from a hardflip off one of the old kickers. What a dumb idea that was, I was barely even sticking them off sidewalks at the time. Fast forward 10 minutes and my brother was fishing my skateboard out of the bin… I copped a vertical board in my aincha (ed: the area between a male’s ass and his genitalia.) That’s right, 82cm worth of XEN’s finest ply lodged between my stumps. I guess I could say I landed it, if ‘landed it’ means landing on the board without feet touching the ground. It left me with a purple bruise the size of a golf ball that didn’t go away for months. Talk about a pussy, all the skating I do now is behind a ps3 console. Maybe Lara Stone and her friends Isabeli Fontana, Toni Garrn and Edita will be able to get me back out on the pavement.

“Ever since Claudia Knoepfel started working in fashion her friend Matthew Lee (of „doodah’ ,a swiss skateboard/snowboard shop) has been bothering her with his wish of becoming a male model in exotic locations surrounded by beautiful girls.
Alas, she could never grant him this favour, but decided to quieten him by taking pictures of the world’s most coveted models posing with his skateboard.
The resulting photographs of the supermodels Lara Stone, Isabeli Fontana and Toni Garrn by the photographer duo Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, who have previously worked with Vogue Paris, W, i-D, 10 are know available as a limited Skateboard Series by”

Via Monster Children.