WHOA: Icy Winds Turned A US Town Into The Grinch’s Lakeside Estate Over The Weekend

While we’re all over here sweating our rings out, a whole US town has woken up to their houses being encased in ice that’s apparently three feet thick in some parts.

Yep, houses in Lake Erie, just south of Buffalo and the Niagara Falls in New Yorn (the state, not the city) have been absolutely blasted with cold temps and winds so strong that they look like this now.

They look so weirdly fake. They look like some kind of set backdrop from some kind frozen wasteland. Like, if hell literally froze over, it’d look like this. It’d be The Grinch’s lakeside home, where he and Baxter go for a bit of R&R after ruining Christmas again.

Apparently the perfect mix of low temperatures (around -6º over the weekend) and incredibly high winds (a full 48 hours of 90km/h gales) caused huge waves and water to get picked up off the lake, blasted onto everything in its path, and immediately freeze into these insane icicles.

It’s turned a bunch of buildings in the small US town into some slightly brown ice house, or like a gingerbread house that got left out in a dust storm.

According to CNN, the thick layer of ice over the US town’s buildings have meant the houses are completely darkened inside, and I mean if there’s any other way that Lake Erie is going to live up to its eeriness, it’s this, right?

The ice has slowly started to melt away, but I can’t imagine that it’s going to go anywhere anytime soon with rain and snow showers predicted for the next ten days.