It Seems Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby Stormi Just For This Halloween Joke

It’s been established that Kylie Jenner probably has more Halloween outfits than us plebs have regular clothes, as evidenced by her butterfly get-up, her coordinated Victoria’s Secret ensemble, and her Barbie mimicry.

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And the latest in that string of high-effort ~ lewks ~ is evidence that she named her blessed bub Stormi just for costume purposes. Taking to Instagram, the 21-year-old tastemaker revealed she dressed up as actual storm cloud, and accessorised her fluffy dress with her dapper daughter.

That, right there, is a billowy minidress from longtime collaborator Jill Jacobs; meanwhile, Stormi’s teeny, tiny toes appear to be esconced in a pair of Adidas Falcons – a shoe which has been heavily promoted by Jenner, who is now a public face of the Three Stripes.

While this cute very cute situation would be a be-all and end-all costume for many celebs, Jenner is not just any celeb. She also gave a peek at what she wore for last year’s Halloween celebrations, while she was still pregnant with Stormi:

via @kyliejenner / Instagram
via @kyliejenner / Instagram

It’s all so OTT we’re halfway expecting a peek at next year’s looks. Who knows.