Kylie Jenner Says Someone “Close To Home” Has Coronavirus And Lord, I’m So Tired

Kylie Jenner

It was inevitable that Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan would seize upon the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity for self-promotion. The only question was how shameless they’d be, and based on the new Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer, the answer to that is “quite shameless indeed.”

The show, currently in its 18th season, will return in September, and will follow the family into quarantine in Los Angeles. The new footage, which seems to have been shot on their personal devices, shows them wearing masks and dealing with the challenges of lockdown, like weeping in closets and joining endless Zoom calls.

The kicker comes when Kylie Jenner, seemingly at the point of tears, appears in a confessional to say: “It’s just scary when someone so close to home has tested positive.” 

Now, the trailer clearly wants us to think that Kris or Kanye or whoever has been struck down with KOVID-19 (patent pending), but this is almost definitely not the case.

Given the deliberately vague wording, the mystery person will almost certainly turn out to be some rando who lives in the next street over (and therefore “close to home”), or somebody with an even more tenuous connection to the family than that.

Still, you kind of have to admire this family’s hustle for finding a way to make this pandemic all about them. Check out the trailer below: