Kyle Sandilands Has Some Not-So-Kind Words For Radio Rival Rove McManus

Kyle Sandilands and Rove McManus will soon be going head-to-head in a scramble for Sydney radio ratings, with Rove due to step in and replace Dan and Maz as host of the 2Day FM breakfast show in 2016.  
Now that the two are in direct competition, Sandilands’ long-standing dislike of Rove has resurfaced. The KIIS FM host may or may not have eaten a bad burrito before his recent interview with News Corp, but he certainly sprayed shit everywhere, saying:
“I’m no fan of Rove and I’ve been saying that for a long time but I was surprised that they decided to go with someone that does scripted, rehearsed humour rather than an off the cuff, edgy show.” 

“Good luck to Rove, he’s gonna need it with them (Southern Cross Austereo) because they’re poor operators, but who else would they have got? There’s fuck all people around and he’s the best of a bad bunch, so good luck buddy, you’re gonna need it.”

Kyle’s co-host Jackie O was a little more diplomatic, saying she believes Rove might “struggle” to bring fresh content to a radio show every morning when he’s used to having “all week to do one TV show.”
Rove hasn’t responded to these latest comments, and has previously said he has “no idea” where the supposed rivalry between him and Sandilands sprung up, and has “no feelings” for Kyle either way.
Sandilands once said that his dislike of Rove stems from series of incidents around 2004, when the then-Rove Live host made fun of him for promoting his former partner Tamara Jaber‘s music on his radio show. 
“Everyone thinks he’s cookies and cream when he’s a little prick … He’s a little asshole,” Sandilands later said of his rival. This situation should continue to be fun when Rove hits the airwaves next year.
Photo: Mark Metcalfe / Michael Schwartz via Getty Images