Kyle Sandilands Does A Kyle Sandilands, Dumps On Sam & Rove’s Future

To nobody’s particular surprise, Kyle Sandilands has this week gone and done a Kyle Sandilands, taking aim at his 2DayFM rivals Rove McManus and Sam Frost, and offering a scathing assessment of their future prospects on radio. 
There has been bad blood between old Sandypants and Mr. Say Hi To Your Mum For Me for more than a decade at this point, stemming back to a 2004 incident when McManus made fun of Tamara Jaber‘s music on his radio show.
Sandilands, who was then dating Jaber, called Rove “a little prick”, and has since taken every opportunity to have a crack at him, saying last year that he was the “best of a bad bunch” to take on his job at 2DayFM, because they had “fuck all” other options.
Now, after taking the time to listen to Rove and Sam’s show, he has some further unkind words for his rival, telling the audience of his 106.5 show that he tuned in for around 20 minutes, and did not like what he heard:
“Rove will stay for at least a year. They will blame that poor girl for the ratings so they will replace her. She doesn’t have the radio skills. She is a sweetheart and a lovely thing but they will keep blaming people until they realise it [low ratings] keeps happening.”

His assessment of McManus’ broadcasting skills was less kind:
“Where they have gone wrong with Rove is he just doesn’t translate on radio … the problem is most of his humour is in his facial expression and you don’t see it.”
This far, Rove and Sam have yet to make a dent in Kyle & Jackie O‘s ratings. As with Sandilands’ previous tirades, they have not responded to this one.
Story: News Corp
Photo: Don Arnold / Caroline McCredie / Getty