Kristen Stewart Knows What You’ve Been Saying About Her Resting Bitch Face

Kristen Stewart ain’t dumb.
Kristen Stewart knows exactly what you’ve been saying about her behind her back.
Specifically, Kristen Stewart knows full well that her features look kind of judgey when in their relaxed state, but with a characteristic lack-of-fucks given, our resting bitch face spirit animal completely owned it in a recent interview with MTV News.
Stewart will be seen alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Blake Lively in Woody Allen‘s next, as-yet-untitled film, and she revealed that, while shooting, the legendary director gently asked her about her RBF situation. She said:
“I play someone who’s very buoyant. I think I can be light sometimes, but I can’t hide anything. So if I’m thinking about something I look really puzzled. But Woody comes up to me and he was like, ‘is your face always in this sort of…state of repose?’ I know that he has not like read the fact that people think that. It totally came from a genuine uninfluenced place. It was like, ‘is your resting face…?’ He actually used the word resting. I was like, within what context? Right now I think I’m kind of thoughtful, put Jesse in front of me and I’ll start laughing.”
When asked about the general perception of her as having resting bitch face syndrome, Stewart brushed it off, saying “it doesn’t bother me, I think honestly it’s all bullshit.”
via MTV News
Photo: Taylor Hill via Getty Images