Kris Jenner Went Full Mrs George Over Kendall At The VS Fashion Show

Kris Jenner VS

As you’ll probably know by now, Kendall Jenner returned to the Victorias Secret show this year to walk the runway. Of course, this meant momager and certified cool mum Kris Jenner was sitting in the audience, camera at the ready.

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Though the fashion event was filmed live last month, it didn’t actually hit screens until today which is why you may have noticed a spike in #VSFashionShow on Twitter. 

Taking to their account to promote the event, Vic’s Secret posted this baby of a GIF which has Kris in full You’re-Doing-Amazing-Sweetie/Mrs George from Mean Girls mode.

Look, it’s a bit cute.

The GIF copped more traction than usual considering Kris’ recent cameo in Ariana Grande‘s wildly successful ‘Thank U, Next’ video. In it, Kris dons pink trackies – just like Mrs George – and ever so passionately films Grande on stage.

Not to mention, she utters the words “Thank you, next, bitch” at the very end of the video.


Anywhoo, the little GIF has since been meme’d for obvious reasons.

Responding to a fan’s question on what it was like working with the momager, Grande answered: “So fun. She was so full out and nice to everybody and I want her and my mom to be besties. They were so cute interacting. Just two adorable, powerful, pink & black dots before my blurry, excited eyes.”

The music video, which took three days to film, has since racked up an easy 87 million views, smashing two YouTube records and one Vevo record.

Overnight, the artist shared part one of her behind-the-scenes video series.

It’s 10 whole minutes, folks.