Kit Harington Auditioning For Other ‘GoT’ Characters Is A Study In Subtlety

Being as bloody wonderful in the role as he is, it’s hard to believe that Kit Harington could have ever played anyone except Jon Snow on ‘Game of Thrones‘, but according to some definitely 100% real archival footage dug up by Jimmy Kimmel, the thespian auditioned for a fair number of other parts on the show.
It might be hard to imagine a world where Harington played, say, Cersei or Hodor, but if he’d gone a little bit better in these (again, absolutely 100% real) auditions, that world might just have become a reality.
The clips show an amazing and hitherto unseen acting range from Harrington – from horny incest-doer to troubled beard-owner to guy with shoes on his knees to guy with tits from wrong pop culture universe. Clearly, a very talented actor.
If anything, you should watch the video just to give this image some context:
Dunno about you, but I am intensely into this. Watch below:
Source and photo: YouTube.