Kim K Living Her Netball Hornbag Truth Has Sent The Internet Into A Bloody Tizzy

Coming back to work and logging on this morning, I wasn’t expecting to be smacked upside the head with a piece of incredible performance art, so good and pure and intrinsically middle Australia as Kim Kardashian-West in a netball bib, sitting opposite Magda Szubanski, and trying to correctly annunciate “noice” over and over again.

[jwplayer SjpPQkzx]

If you’ve not yet seen this god damned masterpiece of an ad from the brains of UberEats, please let it wash over you. Especially Sharon pronouncing the G in “pesto gnocchi”.

Now that we’ve collectively had some time to process exactly what the fuck has happened to lead the current timeline to this frankly absurd-but-perfect Kimmooiiye stand-in (not a replacement, Sharon would never), it seems that there’s nothing that can be done to fully understand how and why this happened but to screech into the void.

So please, enjoy all my favourite responses to the Kath & Kim Kardashian-West, which is always here if you need.

The behind the scenes footage of Kim and Sharon chatting about their favourite things to order in, and what they last ordered in is some top-tier content as well, and tbh knowing that Kim fiends for a big bowl of plain pasta covered in cheese speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Who knew that we’d be blessed with the Best Content Of The Year/Decade so close to the end of 2019? Not me.