Kim Kardashian Asked Twitter For A New Feature, Will Probably Get It

If you want to get shit done for you in a timely manner, it helps to be Kim Kardashian – just one utterance can make tectonic plates shift, and the universe bend to her will.
Take, for example, this recent interaction between Kim and Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.
Kardashian, like many of us, is upset that Twitter has no edit function, meaning that, if there’s a typo in your hilarious, carefully thought-out Tweet, you need to delete and re-type it, looking like a total doofus and losing precious likes in the process. 
Facebook lets you edit dumb mistakes out of posts, why not Twitter?
Kim was so upset that she straight-up emailed them to see if they could add editing as a new feature, and then, about half an hour after posting about it, this happened:

Well, fuck. Thanks for getting that sorted, Kim. 
There’s no word yet on whether Twitter will actually introduce this new feature, but if they do, we’ll have her to thank for it. Just think about all the other social and political problems Kween Kim could solve with a single email or Tweet. 
via MTV  

Photo: Rick Diamond via Getty Images