Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Vow To Keep Their Baby Away From The Spotlight

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who managed to make the biggest news of the last day of 2012 by announcing the impending birth of their first child, have vowed to keep it away from the cameras. Seriously.

Kardashian has told TMZ – though one would wonder how keeping things private is synonymous with Hollywood’s favourite botton-feeding gossip station – that she intends to keep the foetus that has already been dubbed ‘Kimye’ away from the cameras, you know, like, when it’s born and whatever. After that one imagines all the breastfeeding will be available in separate pay-per-view instalments of Keeping Up With The Westdashians
The horse’s mouth reports: “Further, we’re told Kim is saying the baby will NEVER be on the family’s show or have its own spin-off — nor will there be a ‘Kim Gives Birth’ TV special … she and Kanye are nixing that idea too. 

However, Kim will not be shy about her remaining months of pregnancy. We’re told she intends to share that with reality cameras because she thinks being “pregnant is great and cute.”

In unrelated news, American Apparel have already started printing ‘Being Pregnant Is Great And Cute’ tees in 13 colours. 



Title image by Harry How via Getty.