Kevin Rudd’s Win As Told By Memes

Last night’s political dramaz—plaguing social media so heavily that Twitter actually tweeted about the spectacle, saying that Canberra was up there with yesterday’s news in Austin and Washington—couldn’t have gone on without the Internet giving their poorly photoshopped two cents. It’s just how we do. 

With the ol’ switcheroo of the Labor leadership resulting in Kevin Rudd’s return as Prime Minister this morning, so came the gallant wave of memes to accompany the hype. I salute you, Internet.    

Relying, as ever, on the most thinly attached puns possible and going nuts over the idea of “revenge”, here’s what surfaced today: 

Who knew JG plays a very convincing Marty McFly?

Everyone needs to stop adding the non-word “Kevenge” to their vernacular. Ick.

In which KRudd is a shameless troll:

Apparently #spills are cool now. Young Kevin Rudd—sadly not an unexpected babe.

Admittedly, the leadership beheading produced less tears than the Stark’s.

Oh come on, Internet. Gross.

Ahhh, the romantic comedy, How To Take Back Leadership in 10 Days.

He’s back.

BREAKING: In a dramatic twist, Kevin Rudd redefines #YOLO.

Well, now this just can’t be unseen.

The (labor) prophecy speaks…

Welcome, Deputy Prime Minister Hordor Anthony Albanese!

ALP: The Musical. Jazzy.

The Game of Thrones trend continues, as Rudd gleefully slits throats.

Fair enough, mate.


Some photoshop addicts didn’t stop there though; a few were kind enough to whip up some suggestions for Rudd’s imminent election campaign trail:

I think he should go with this, super kawaii ^_^ :

But after everything that went down yesterday, the muddled leadership woes, the supposed “backstabbing” chaos, a loss for the ALP this September may be purely consequential, with Tony Abbott leaping to the top spot in Steve Bradbury style victory, as his opponents flounder beneath him: