‘Harry Potter’ Star Katie Leung Shares True Thoughts On ‘Cho Chang’ Amid J.K. Rowling Backlash

Actor Katie Leung has shared her unguarded opinion on Cho Chang, the character she portrayed in the Harry Potter film series, amid renewed debate over the character’s name and the sensibilities of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Leung’s thoughts can be summarised thusly: Black and trans lives matter.

Taking to Twitter last night, Leung told her followers she was prepared to discuss her thoughts on Chang, an apparent response to a new wave of criticism directed at the character’s name, her depiction in the children’s book series, and Rowling’s other contentious beliefs.


In recent days, Rowling’s description of Chang has been debated by readers, some of whom believe the character is a lazy assembly of stereotypes.

Leung previously called for “a more truthful representation on our screens”.

But, instead of directly adding to the discussion on Twitter, Leung used the opportunity to highlight a number of fundraisers and organisations supporting black members of the LGBTQ community.


Leung ended her Twitter thread with some clear words of her own: #AsiansForBlackLives.


Leung’s decision to highlight organisations supporting black communities in the UK and abroad comes during global protests against racial injustice and police brutality.

But her decision to promote causes which specifically champion trans people is notable, as Rowling is well-known for her trans-exclusionary feminism.

As it stands, Leung is fielding plaudits for using her position to stick up for black and trans people worldwide.

Meanwhile, Rowling is still attempting to magically disappear the “T” from “LGBTQ.”