Kate Moss Single Again And Makes Artistic Debut

Fashion’s all conquering waif is single once again following the announcement that Moss and The Kills’ guitarist Jamie Hince have split for good…

The Telegraph reports:

“The Kate Moss has split with her rockstar boyfriend Jamie Hince after a series of arguments which left the supermodel in tears at London Fashion Week.

It is believed The Kills guitarist was unhappy about Moss’ non-stop party lifestyle.

The pair have split three times before but friends say this time the break-up is serious.

“Kate thinks there is no going back this time and has told Jamie to keep away from her,” a friend was reported as saying.

“Although she has said that before, she has never appeared as hurt as this and the rows have never been this bad.””

Jamie Hince needs to realise that if you’re dating Kate Moss you have to at least match her “non-stop party lifestyle” like that bloke with the hat she dated before.

In other Kate Moss news, a artwork she created during her Pete Doherty days is up for auction and is expected to fetch 40, 000 pounds.

The self portrait was drawn with lipstick and even has Ms. Moss’ lip prints, it also features however, Pete Doherty’s blood. The inscription “Who needs blood when you’ve got lipstick?” is also courtesy of Doherty. Kate Moss’ lip prints AND Pete Doherty’s plasma committed to canvas? Who wouldn’t pay millions to have that hang on their wall…

Photo by Carl Court via Getty