Karl Stefanovic Rips On Pauline Hanson’s Stoner Past, Goes Full Marley

In celebration of Pauline Hanson‘s revelation last night that she’d partaken in a bit of the marijuanas in her youth, Karl Stefanovic this morning whipped out a wig full of dreads and pink sunglasses to sing Bob Marley‘s classic ‘Is This Love?‘ on TODAY.

Pauline’s news that she’s smoked weed – THREE TIMES, we might add – came on last night’s episode of The Verdict, of which Karlos is host.

“I was really spaced out of my head,” she said, which probably came as news to the 65.2% of people who have never tried it / the 95% of people who missed pop culture’s rampant infatuation of the stuff.

The Verdict aired last night, and TODAY aired this morning, which gave Karl – or more likely, the TODAY wardrobe department – approx. 12 hours to get ahold of a Bob Marley wig, and given this ain’t your usual run-of-the-mill Rastafarian hat and dreads situation, full props to them. Or they already had one on hand. We wouldn’t be surprised, tbh.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday folks. We could attempt to explain what’s going on here… but nup. We’ve got nothing. #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, 12 November 2015

Like, can we just talk for a minute about how there’s something about Karlos?

Anyone else who came into work with a wig full of dreads and used it to bully his colleagues into singing Bob Marley would get an email 10 minutes later from HR asking for “a chat”, but he does it and everyone’s chill.

His epitaph is literally going to read ‘Karl Stefanovic: eternal larrikin, sometimes TV host, once turned up to work drunk.’