Justin Bieber & His Beliebers Are Having A Very Public Break-Up RN

We are witnessing one of the most public breakups in history. There is drama, there is devastation, and there are about 77.6 million people involved.

We’re talking about Justin Bieber and his army of Beliebers.

Okay, so here’s what happened: last night Justin threatened to make his Instagram private if his fans didn’t stop savaging his new girlfriend Sofia Richie. This is tantamount to turning off their life support. This is serious.

JB + Sofia have been dating since…. idk, this week. They were spotted holding hands in Japan yesterday, and that led to headlines of ‘Bieber and Richie held hands in Tokyo‘. Safe to say this is pretty new, or at least, is new as far as the media (and the Beliebers) are aware.

*Possibly* in response to the paparazzi pic, Justin then posted a bunch of pics to Insta of him and Sofia looking cute as shit. Here’s one of them:

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Now the Beliebers had some kind of problem with this. They don’t like Sofia. I’m trying to find out why via the hashtag #RIPBeliebers (more on that in a minute) but I’m making a safe guess that it’s because they liked his ex Hailey Baldwin better. Or his other ex, Selena Gomez. Or… fuck, I don’t know, I’m 26 years old and missed the age of celebrity fandoms. The point is, THEY DON’T LIKE HER, and were leaving nasty comments about it all over his Insta. 

Which lead Bieber to post this:

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be mean to people that I like.”

And shit hit the fan.

You see, Bieber’s fans aren’t fans. They’re Beliebers. And for Justin to call them fans instead of Beliebers is basically like driving the knife into their still-beating hears and twisting it until all they can feel is pain and suffering, and all the happiness is gone from the world. Like a Dementor. Justin Bieber is currently their Dementor.

So they’re tweeting about their breakup using #RIPBeliebers.

The other fandoms have been lending their support. Obviously Directioners have been through a similar devastation before, and are probably the best-placed people in the world to deal with the current shit-show.

Right now, Bieber’s Instagram is still public – and with 77.6 million followers, it’s not like going private would actually do a whole lot.

But the fans Beliebers are absolutely beside themselves, and who knows if this hurt will ever be mended.
Still, some Beliebers are staying strong. Viva le Bieberistance.

UPDATE: Selena Gomez has jumped into the Justin vs Beliebers fray, and emerged victorious.

Photo: Instagram.