Julia Roberts Was Paid $1M Per Day To Wear That Dumb Wig In ‘Mother’s Day’

Straight up, we’re going to assume you have zero plans whatsoever to see that saccharine turd of a movie, Mother’s Day. Good.

But we’re also going to assume you’re at least familiar with the premise. No? Well it is, of course, all about motherhood, bringing back director Garry Marshall and actor Hector Elizondo and a depressingly star-studded cast to weave several, motherhood-related stories together.
You’ve got: the woman who gave up her child for work and naturally regrets it, the adopted daughter with abandonment issues, the single mother whose ex-husband has remarried a teenager (20-something, but whatever), and the woman who married a non-white person and is so worried her redneck racist parents will say something, she pretends they’re in the deep-end of dementia.

Julia Roberts plays the heartless wench who gave up her child for a career… and a truly terrible wig.

Oh Julia. What happened? Did Erin Brockovich mean nothing to you?

In fairness, it looks like giant wads of cash happened. Variety reports that Roberts was exceedingly well-compensated for her supporting role, raking in $3m ($AU3.9m) for a role that took her four days to shoot. Yeah. She took home almost $AU1m ($AU979,000) for each day she worked.

It’s on par with the $3m she earned for six minutes of screen time in Valentine’s Day, another Garry Marshall monstrosity that at least had the good grace to turn novocaine sweetness into box office earnings. V-Day raked in $56m in it’s opening weekend; Mother’s Day made $8.3m.

The only justice in this world will be if Garry Marshall is prevented form turning Hallmark holidays into films ever again.

Source: Variety.

Image: Supplied.