RIP To The Poor Soul Who Critiqued Jonathan Van Ness’ Dress At The Emmys

It would be so easy to avoid online confrontation with one of the planet’s newest styling gods, and there are countless ways to dodge holy retribution from someone who boosts the looks of mere civilians for a living.

And yet. And yet. 

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Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has responded to someone who dared critique the sheer Maison Margiela gown he wore to the Creative Arts Emmys on Sunday, and essentially banished them to the shadow realm in the process.

After appearing on the Instagram account of his date Wilco Froneman, someone said “the guy in the dress” looks like “the villain from Despicable Me 3.”

The response from Van Ness was equally swift and brutal.

“I look fucking stunning and my name is Jonathan, snap chat filter using on your Insta tiny circle private profile having self,” Van Ness said in a now-deleted comment on the post.

He followed that up by saying the original comment also had shamey implications about gender norms.

“‘The guy in a dress’ is insulting and for anyone that doesn’t see the implications is blind,” Van Ness wrote.

“Fucking rude people I’m too tired.”

Mean-spirited people online didn’t take away from JVN’s shine too much though, as Netflix‘s Queer Eye gang took home their first Emmy for Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

Now, everybody, be kind online. And let people wear mesh dresses if they want, damn.