Johnny Depp Still Hasn’t Returned To The Gold Coast ‘Pirates 5’ Set

A few weeks ago, via a series of nautical puns that really don’t bear repeating, we reported that production of the fifth, totally necessary Pirates Of The Caribbean film was facing delays, with Johnny Depp absent from the Gold Coast set.
About half the film’s crew of 400 were stood down at the time, after Depp injured his hand in early March. He flew back to America for surgery, delaying the $US 250 million production in the process. 
Affected crew members were told that principal photography would recommence “on or about” April 20, but per reports in the Gold Coast Bulletin, Depp is still stranded somewhere on the high seas (or, y’know … not where he’s supposed to be).
A “senior production source”, which is way more reliable than a regular old source, told the Bulletin that Depp was due to fly to Australia last Monday, but missed his flight. 
As of last Friday morning, still had not jumped on a plane. “Production will already be running behind when principal photography starts again,” the source continued.
“Even if he managed to fly out over the weekend, the delay has forced the directors to change their shot lists for the week. They’ve had to rearrange what they can and can’t shoot before filming starts again.”
It’s unclear whether the aforementioned “senior production source” actually exists, or if this is just an elaborate method of shivering Johnny Depp’s timbers to get him back to work, but either way, there are 200 crew who would very much like him to return.

Photo: Koki Nagahama via Getty Images