John Travolta Jinxes Socceroos With Grease Hit

Unquestionably, the fact that John Travolta has been singing ‘Grease’ show tunes to the Australian Soccer Team has something to do with his contractual obligations as a Qantas ambassador – but what does that matter? What used to be the theme song for Sexy Travolta has turned into ‘dad-stop-embarrassing-me-in-front-of-my-friends’ Travolta and it’s 24 carat (green and) gold. Watch as Danny Zuko teaches the Socceroos how to dance, and also keep an ear out for the news reporter’s sweet puns.

The footage was filmed on June 11, two days before the Australian team got smashed by the Germans. Could John have been the jinx that prevented the socceroos from “performing” on the field? The line “you better shape up” just took on a whole lot more meaning… The next time he jets in I recommend selecting the Sandy’s reprise of ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ as his serenade:

Sandy, You must start anew,
Don’t you know what you must do
Hold your head high,
Take a deep breath and sigh

Via Jezebel