Joel McHale’s ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine’ is the Perfect Seinfeld Spoof

Jerry Seinfeld‘s ever-so-slightly-smug Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee features the star driving around with various comedy pals like Chris Rock and Louis C.K. while talking about their craft.

The ever-snarky Joel McHale decided to take Seinfeld down a peg while taking his concept up a notch – that’s a few different maneuvers there, I know, but try and keep up.

To that end, he enlisted the help of Tony Hale, of Arrested Development and Veep, to go cruising for nose candy in a ridiculously ostentatious vintage car.

The pair then proceeded to get paranoid and argumentative, with Hale revealing some very upsetting things about his past turning tricks for drugs, then pulling a gun on a coke dealer.

While running from said dealer, he at least found the time to tell us that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is “amazing” to work with and “a creative genius.” Aww.

via EW