Joel Edgerton Strongly Rumoured For ‘Suicide Squad’

Everyone just hold hands for a moment. It doesn’t matter who with, just grasp someone’s hand and grip it tight. Seriously, give it a good ole’ fashioned squeeze. Now close your eyes and pray to whatever deity it is you worship, God, Jesus, Buddah, Allah, Flying Spaghetti Monster or a single slice of perfectly cooked pepperoni pizza. It doesn’t matter what mythical creature you ask for help, just ask them with all your might in the hope that this proves true.

The slightly troubled but holy ball of awesome proposed Suicide Squad film got itself a new name to add to its ever-rotating rumour mill of potential castings.
We know that originally producers were pretty keen on getting professional handsome man Tom Hardy on board, but scheduling conflicts forced hardy to drop out of the film. Following that we learned that Jake Gyllenhaal was offered the role, but for reasons that are freaking well beyond us he apparently showed little interest in the project.
But now we’re hearing word that ‘Straya’s own Joel Edgerton is one of two names rumoured to be being tossed about to fill the vacant role of Rick Flag – the other being Jon Bernthal.
Whether these rumours have any weight to them remains to be seen, but if proven true – and our boy Edge-o does get the role – it’d be a huge coup for his career prospects in the States, and would cement himself as one of the bigger-time players within Hollywood acting circles.
Suicide Squad is expected to begin filming in April with a projected release date of August 5th, 2016.
We already know that Will Smith is on board to play Deadshot, Margot Robbie will be playing Harley Quinn, and Jared Leto will be bringing his unfairly glorious locks to the role of The Joker.
We’re trying not to get too ahead of ourselves, but this is all of us right now.
Photo: Craig Barritt via Getty Images.

via Collider.