Joe Jonas Is Being Sued For A Car Accident He Wasn’t Even Involved In

One thing I’m looking forward to when I make my inevitable leap to stardom is having somebody do all the shit that I don’t want to do.

While it sounds great in practice, it might have backfired for DNCE singer Joe Jonas, who is now being sued after his assistant caused a car accident and left a woman with mental and physical injuries.

Someone’s not getting their Christmas bonus.

Apparently, the incident went down in 2016 when his assistant was vrooming down Hollywood in a 2012 Audi A6 and then made a left turn that just so happened to result in a collision.

The woman’s lawyer Gerald Marcus reckons that they’ve run the plates and it definitely checks out to Joe’s, so it’s just a matter of finding whether he was in the car or not.

She’s suing Joe for the whole shebang, claiming that she was injured from the crash both mentally and physically and couldn’t work.

I mean, it would be interesting to see if she still felt the same way if it wasn’t Joe Jonas but that’s neither here nor there.