Joaquin Phoenix the Rapper?

Ex-actor Joaquin Phoenix has started his new career in music by announcing plans to record a rap album. News that elicits only one response – whoa Joaquin lay off the drugs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: “Phoenix is embarking on a new path as a rapper, with an album to be produced by Sean Combs. He is scheduled to make his first public performance Friday at a Las Vegas club, which will officially kick off Affleck’s shoot.”

“Affleck’s shoot” of course, referring to Casey Affleck’s documentary about Phoenix’s impending music career. Riiiighhhtt. Surely this is one big Hollywood in-joke, surely this is a carefully crafted publicity stunt, I mean Joaquin Phoenix the rapper is as incongruous as Sean Combs the pro-active spokesman. It makes no sense.

The final nail in the coffin is the below footage of Joaquin bustin’ ryhmes in a Californian bar. At least we’ve got his MC moniker – Joke-quin Phoenix, this is straight up embarrassing.

Via The Vine